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seulmasquerade's Journal

14 September
a clockwork orange, aim, angry gumball, angst, animals, art, artists, australian animals, bawls, being alone, black, books, bowling for columbine, bubbles, caffiene, callum blue, candles, captain jack sparrow, carnivals, celtic music, cemetaries, clouds, coffee, coffee house, cold, college, combat boots, concerts, cooking, count of monte cristo, creativity, crying, daria, david bowie, dead like me, death, death to smoochy, disorders, donnie darko, dragons, drawing, dreaming, dying hair, ellen muth, england, eyeliner, fairs, family, fire, flaw, flogging molly, frank the bunny, ghosts, good bands, goth, gothic art, graduation, grateful dead, graveyards, greek mythology, grim reapers, guitars, hair dye, harry potter, hemp, hippies, hoodies, hot people, independent films, insane, invader zim, irony, jacapo, jack black, jamie oliver, jay and silent bob, johnen vasquez, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, kurt cobain, laughing, lestat, london, london after midnight, mandy patinkin, mental disorders, mental wards, michael moore, music, my dog, my friends, mythology, nail bunny, nightmare before christmas, nny, originality, orlando bloom, pain, photography, pictures, piercings, pirates of the caribbean, psp, psychiatric patients, puppies, purple, pyros, rain, rainbow brite, reflections, rocky horror picture show, safety pins, scotland, shopping, silence, silver, sketching, sleep, songs, south park, spongebob, squee, stars, stars and moons, stonehenge, storms, straight jackets, stupidity, suffolk county community college, the cranberries, the sex pistols, thoushaltnot, tim burton, travelling, uniqueness, vampires, virgo, wandering, we will rock you, winter